Learn Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or Latin 

These courses of Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or Latin are for people who speak English.

If you find it difficult to learn these languages in Brasil with a course where the teachers only speak in Portuguese and the material is all in Portuguese, here is your solution:

I have lived in the UK for over 14 years and I used to teach all these languages over there. I still use all the material in English, specially the ones produced by BBC, that are very good and not too expensive.

If you live in the UK you can have lessons with my via Skype. You can pay via Paypal or with gift vouchers that can be bought here. If you live in Brazil you can have lessons via Skype too. If you live in Porto Alegre you can have lessons in my house, your house, work or other place of your choice, as long it is in a quiet room.


When teaching Portuguese I tend to teach a mixture of all the Portuguese from Portugal and Brazil at the same time, but if the student prefers I can teach only one of them. I use the Talk Portuguese book for beginners as it is an easy book. I have a lot of different materials and books to teach up to A levels.


When teaching Spanish I tend to teach a mixture of all the Spanish languages as it helps the students to understand the differences. I use the Talk Spanish 1 and 2 books and Sue├▒os 1 and 2. I teach from beginners to Advanced level. 


I use the Talk Italian 1 and 2 books, Buongiorno Italia!,  Italianissimo and others. I teach from beginners to Advanced level. 


I use the Cambridge Latin Courses books. I can teach from Book I to Book III. 

Aims of the CLC:
  • to teach comprehension of the Latin language for reading purposes;
  • to develop an understanding of the history and culture of Roman civilisation;
  • to encourage a wide range of approaches to language learning through the use of high quality audio-visual resources.